About WatchPatrol

Watches can be bought and sold many different places online. For most people, you can either pay full-price from an authorized dealer or roll the dice and try to pick up a watch off of Ebay.

There is a better way though, the online watch community: where tens of thousands of enthusiasts buy, trade, and sell watches through community forums. Forums are an excellent place to buy watches, this is where you find the best deals and the most passionate collectors.

The problem? Forums are designed for discussion, not commerce. Data is not structured in a way that allows filtering or searching. Browsing listings does not include imagery, forcing you to click through individual posts to view photos. On top of all that, the buying experience is fractured across dozens of difference domains.

This is where WatchPatrol comes in. WatchPatrol actively monitors all of the major forums for sales listings, scrapes important data (like price, contact info, etc.), and stores it locally so you can quickly discover great deals on your favorite models. On top of that, WatchPatrol allows you to save searches, alerting you as soon as a new listing matching your criteria comes online.

WatchPatrol currently monitors the following watch communities:

WatchPatrol is a product of 60Clicks Media, LLC and a companion to the tool watch blog 60Clicks (http://www.60clicks.com).

How do I buy watches here?

WatchPatrol is not an e-commerce platform, it simply aggregates listings from various sources. If you're interested in buying a watch from a private party, you must negotiate with that party directly.

In the event that the contact information for that party is not made available on the public listing, you may need to register with the specific forum and send them a private message.

Buying from private parties is an excellent way to find rare watches and get great deals, but it doesn't come without risk. Please read my article "The Saavvy Shopper’s Guide to Buying Used Watches Online" for more tips on buying watches second-hand.

My Listing isn't right...

WatchPatrol uses software to pull information out of unstructured data. These algorithms aren't perfect, and sometimes the wrong information gets extracted. For instance, if you've got both the retail and asking price in your listing description, WatchPatrol has a hard time determining which price is the actual offer price. Over time, this software will improve and become more accurate.

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