For sale or trade is a Casio G-Shock GWF-1000 Frogman in excellent condition. If you know this watch, you know this watch. Otherwise, here it is: It has Multi-Band 6 Atomic Time Receiving, Tough Solar, ISO rated for diving and DLC stainless-steel case with screw-down case back.

As mentioned, it's in excellent condition - pretty much like new. I am the first and only owner since 2018. It's been kept out in a well-lit room - the battery has never been below high. I never used it for G-Shock things - I have other watches for that. It comes with the inner and outer boxes, owner's manual, hang tag and original receipt.

And this is my assessment of this generation of Frogman versus the newer GWF-D1000:

There is some divide among G-Shock and Frogman enthusiasts. Some people prefer the older ones like this one, some people prefer the newer ones. It all depends on what you put a value on. This one has less features, but it’s smaller. The newer one has the triple-sensor, but it’s bigger. This one has the classic moon phase and tide on the home screen that a lot of people like about the Frogman - moon and tide together has been a feature unique to the Frogman. The new one replaced that with the day of the week - moon and tide is there in sub-screens. Some people don’t like the squared-off shape of the tail on the strap on the newer Frogman - the strap on the 12:00 side. This one has a tail that looks like a shark fin that some people say is a nod to diving. And the strap is longer on the new one making not as wearable for people with smaller wrists. About the only change on the new one that people unanimously agree on is the change to a sapphire crystal.

If you’re all about specs, the new one is your jam. If you like tradition, this one is your jam.

As for trades, I think I want a Seiko Turtle for a little, light mod project. I would really like a King Turtle, Save The Ocean Great White or the original Save The Ocean. I would add cash for any of these to make it worth your time and cover the shipping on your end - zero out of your pocket. But the amount of cash is negotiable depending on specific model - more for a King or Great White.

Other trades??? What do you have? I'm pretty flighty and impulsive with watches and my collection. I'm not averse to quartz. And I'm open to adding cash (about $150 or so, give or take) if you want to trade down and I like what you're offering enough. I also have some other watches I could add to the Frogman. I love wheeling and dealing. Try me - the worst I could do is politely decline.

Here is my feedback:

Based on what I paid, current availability of this model and completed sales on eBay, I'm asking $375. If you think that's too much, make me an offer and we'll go from there. PayPal only - I'll eat the fees. Shipping with tracking and insurance is covered and included in the final sale price to any valid USPS zip code - anywhere the USPS delivers. Shipping outside of that is up for negotiation. It all depends on what you are willing to accept and pay. I've had international shipping cost like $5 or $6 or $7 more than domestic and I have no problem just covering that. Obviously, adding insurance and tracking adds to the cost and you will probably need to cover that. Also depending on international shipping method, payment method may need to be adjusted.

Thanks for looking.