I can say without question this is the most beautiful watch I've ever owned. It is in excellent physical condition with a few, little, light swirlies on the highly polished case. You have to look close, and it looks brand new on the wrist.

It keeps time well, but it does have an issue with the automatic winding not keeping it charged. If you manually wind it well (like 20 times), it will run all day fine, but if not, it will stop. It needs a service, I'm just going to be honest. That being the case, I am going to basically give it away to the first one to PayPal me $350 which will include Continental US shipping only and PayPal fees. These are now selling for around $2000 if you can even find one with the newer version coming out, so even with a full service, you will still be getting an incredible bargain. I would keep it but I do not have any local area places to get it serviced so I would have to mail it off.