Doxa sub750t Searambler and 50 Year Book. I’m probably going to seriously regret selling this one since it took me years to find it but it just sits in my safe. It’s a beautiful watch and in excellent condition. Keeps great time. It has the nicer BOR bracelet with the center polished individual beads. Suits the watch much nicer than the brushed version. These are very limited. I’ve read that Doxa only produced around 3,000 750t watches out of the 5,000 original number on the watches and only approximately 100 Searamblers in the 750t case. The 750t is regarded by many as the perfect case size. It’s approximately 45mm across but thinner than the 1500t making it much more comfortable to wear. The watch wears like a 42mm to me. The watch comes with the warranty card, Doxa CD and tube. Strap tool is included but not original. It also comes with the 50 year book as a bonus. Any questions please feel free to ask. Condition is Pre-owned.

From Doxa about the 750t. Copied from WUS Doxa forum.

Approximately 3000 pieces were sold (not made) to date, there is a significant number of SAV watches (SAV= service apres vente = service parts). The edition has come to the end of its life cycle, here is the approximate breakdown:

250 SUB750T Caribbean

100 SUB750T Professional COSC

100 SUB750T Searambler

200 SUB750T COSC Retail including all versions and 100 Professional

50 SUB750T Sharkhunter white hand

300 SUB750T Sharkhunter orange hand

2000 SUB750T Professional, Clive Cussler, and Dirk Pitt (no break down possible here)

Forgot to add the Military edition, those are not included in the 3000 stainless steel models

300 SUB750T Sharkhunter Military

20 SUB750T Professional Military

The breakdown is subject to change in the unlikely case DOXA fills the gap to 5000 pieces in the future


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