For sale, my personal Nomos Minimatik Neomatik 1st Edition

This model was the first of its line - new dial, case, movement etc. and is very hard to find.

Blue-grey numbers and orange concentric circles around the sub-dial - the non-1st Ed looks imbalanced by comparison!

Original strap was crap. Strap has been upgraded to a ~$200 custom Camille Fournet strap in black calf linked with caoutchouc (natural rubber). Original buckle is fitted.

I am the first owner. The set includes:

1. Grey outer box

2. Leather inner wallet

3. Nomos instruction booklet

4. Nomos warranty card stamped and signed by my AD

5. Receipt and note from my AD

6. Nomos cloth

$2700 net to me, shipped CPT by DHL. Happy to hold onto it otherwise - it's that good.

Gary Shteyngart's wristshot of his:

The making of this model: