This is the Seiko SNZF17 Sea Urchin that has been modified with a ceramic sub style bezel, Grand Seiko Diver style hands and topped with a sapphire crystal. I dubbed it the Grand Urchin.

The SNZF hands are too sporty for the beautiful glossy dial. The GSD hands gives it more formality but stays with the Seiko design style. The ceramic bezel adds some more gloss and durability. Clear sapphire crystal really lets the dial pop and will maintain its good looks for years to come. The whole thing looks quite posh without being overdone. Case is 41mm wide without crown and 13mm thick. The watch is very balanced and comfortable. The bracelet is stock 22mm with Seiko signed clasp. Automatic movement is the 7S36C movement. It has the display case back so you can see the movement in action.

The case is in good shape with a few swirlies, bezel insert is perfect and sapphire crystal is perfect. It’s a great watch but I have too many watches and I’m clearing out some less used pieces.

Full kit - $250 shipped in the US