So, mission accomplished. I achieved my desired goal, to build a more consolidated collection with higher-quality Divers/Sport watches, with only, let's call it, 'non-low-beat' (21600 vph) automatic movements. I'm one of those quirky guys that actually likes to watch the second hand move smoothly around the dial. I know, with the technological advent of some of these lower-beat movements, with expanded power reserve, that higher-beat doesn't always necessarily mean 'better', it just so happens to be a personal liking of mine, is all.

Anyway, in order to keep things interesting, I decided to further refine the collection...maybe consolidate a little more, while trying out some of these 'basic-to-lower-mid range' European pieces with a bit more 'historical significance'. I doubt I will ever venture into the Rolex/Omega/Tudor, etc level watches, but there are still a plethora more brands that have used sales values of a fairly affordable nature, and are no more expensive than many of these high-quality Micros.

Nothing wrong with these Micros; in fact, I've dealt primarily in these over the past year or so. There is some amazing quality, and value to be found, like these items I am listing--I just want to even out the collection a bit more. So, with that...

Lum Tec 300M-3 with Diamond-Like Coating (DLC)

$420 OBO - Includes CONUS Shipping + PP Fees

Miyota 9015 Automatic
40mm x 48.75mm x 14.75mm
22mm LugWidth
Titanium Carbide PVD hard coating (black)
Uni-directional, 60-click Lumed, Sapphire Bezel
AR-coated Sapphire crystal
LUM-TEC MDV Technology® (2-tone)
300M WR
2 straps: Bracelet-Ratcheting diver's extension/rubber
Limited Edition (numbered out of 150)
Free lifetime timing adjustments

More pictures - use dots at bottom of initial photo...

Thanks for looking!