Bought this new from Ocean7 two weeks ago...sized the bracelet, worn in the house and tried it on the rubber. Beautiful watch, but I'm spending so much time driving a desk these days, it isn't practical. This is the COSC version...and I'm including the extra Ocean7 rubber strap, hence my asking price. You can buy a non-COSC from Mitch on his site for $299 right now, but add in shipping, and you're up to $335. Minor handling/strap changing marks,'s new. Where else can you get a 2000m Swiss Made diver with a ceramic bezel for $300? Crazy price. On the topic of size...yes, it's a big heavy diver (like the Rolex Deepsea it's modeled after), BUT, on the rubber, it is actually very wearable and comfortable. You will receive only what it pictured. Mitch is shipping these without box, and with warranty cards only.