I'm selling my Ennebi Fondale for the simple reason is that I don't dive. I swim so infrequently and when I do I don't wear a watch. I initially bought it because I love the Ennebi story but apart from that, I never wear it. So someone else can give it the underwater beating it deserves.

If you're reading this, you probably already know, but if you aren't aware, Ennebi is a project by Luciano Nincheri and Alessandro Bettarini, who worked in the diving instruments department at Panerai Sistemi. When the company spun off, moved to Switzerland and started to sell watches to the public, these two were left behind, along with most of the other workers in Florence (many of whom went on to found Anonimo) so they started their own company Ennebi (which is Italian for "N & B", Nincheri and Bettarini). Their design, the Fondale (which means "the Bottom") is a 1000m dive watch they were developing for the Italian Navy.
The watch has the great story and hand-made feel that made the Pre-V Panerais so special.
Amazingly, the watch is so well-designed that it has 1000m of water resistance and doesn't even have a screw-down crown. It's just gaskets and clever design.

Anyway, onto the watch itself. This is from the first generation of Ennebis. It is the model 9650, meaning it is fully titanium, including the caseback (later models had a steel caseback) and it has a rotating bezel.
The options chosen when the watch was made (all Ennebis are custom and handmade) are the "pancetta" crown (thicker crown) and a plexiglass crystal.
The movement is a bog-standard automatic ETA 2824, a reliable workhorse that any watchmaker in the world can service.
The titanium is given a micro-peened finish, which gives it a dull, gray, non-reflective appearance.
The rotating bezel is self-locking. You press down on it and you can rotate it in 2.5min increments both ways. It doesn't have a traditional diving bezel because it's intended for use with rebreathers, not SCUBA tanks. As I'm told, they can stay down much longer and don't use the bezel for decompression stops.
The little pip in the bezel is 18k gold.

The watch is 47mm but because it's all titanium and has a plexiglass crystal it's surprisingly light.
It takes 24mm straps, so all your Panerai straps will fit on this too.

The case, buckle, and bezel are in perfect condition, the plexiglass has a couple of hairlines, but that's part of what gives plexi its charm. There's no scratches or anything. (If you want replacement parts, Ennebi will sell them to you and you can take them to your own watchmaker, or they will service the watch you send to them.)

The watch comes with the olive wood box and papers, plus the tools to remove the bezel (this does not affect watertightness) for cleaning and change the straps.

I have posted a pic of it next to a 44mm Panerai for size comparison purposes.

I'm looking for 2,400 USD, Paypal only. My price includes shipping and Paypal fees. CONUS only, please.

Thanks for looking! Please PM me if you have any questions.