Catch and release to fund another microbrand pre-order. I got this SARB in october from a seller in Japan and have only worn it a few evenings. Truly like new. There's no dents, scuffs, or dirt and ZERO desk diving wear. The only flaw is 2 extremely hard to see hairlines on the 4 oclock lug (Shown in pic which makes it look much brighter than reality. What looks like a scratch below that lug on the case back is just lint. Also, there is a piece of lint on the bezel above 12 in the first pic; Thats not a scratch either). The strapcode double lock clasp has 5 microadjust settings instead of 2 and really makes the watch much easier to fit. The clasp is mint as is the original seiko clasp.

$380 shipped in the US. Paypal, Zelle, or Venmo are all accepted. Many references in the feedback forum.