Vintage 1973 Eterna Kontiki Super

For sale is a TZ 85-90% 1973 Kontiki Super. I purchased this out of Germany in 2014. Rare to find in this used, but not abused condition. Winds and set beautifully as it was serviced last year. Correct unsigned crown screws down nicely. Big bonus is a full length original bracelet that has the spring loaded extension....working as new. Vintage Isofrane and MN not included.There are marks on the case and the crystal has imperfections, but nothing to inhibit use at all.

$2995 **SOLD**delivered worldwide. This is what I paid in 2014.

If I didn't have a daughters wedding escalating in costs, I wouldn't be selling....$4000 to use a barn for a wedding for a day?? Have boys gents, that is all I have to say!

Will consider trades down with cash my way. Omega X33 head? Not into micro's. Doxa could be a potential.

Many, many references here and elsewhere. 498 100% on eBay.

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