SOLD! Doxa 750 Searambler with BOR Bracelet and Doxa Rubber Band.

This is number #150. I think they only made 200 of these Searamblers with the Starburst dials,
Width 45mm, Length 47mm, Height 14mm and Lug Width 21mm) . Fits flat like pancake on your wrist and I think it wears the best out of all the Doxa watches I have tried on. This one is in really good condition with few swirls but you have to put it under a lupe or magnifying glass so see them. I have the Doxa Diver tube with 1 more BOR link and sized now for my 7 1/4 inch wrist. Doxa sale card. This also comes with a Black Doxa Rubber strap never used. This was in a rotation with about 15 other watches so it didn't get enough wear time. . Asking $1,900 OBO.