SoldSeiko PADI Turtle SRPA21 I just don't like this watch. Simple as that. I really like the dial but I'm over it. It runs something like 20-25 sec over or under per day, I don't recall for sure and am not going to time it again. I might have the box for it (not sure) but why bother. I'll look for it before I ship (seriously) if you really want it, but it's just a piece of crap box anyway and increases shipping cost. I'll make sure to ship everything I have (promise). I see a few light scratches on the clasp and case. Probably the amount of scratches you would get after wearing it for a couple weeks. Other than that, looks great, really great. No Photos: Take it or leave it (looking of for someone that believes in old time trust) You can always send it back! But why? It's a really good watch. I have several reference here and am definitely not looking to make money. Fits my 7 1/2 " wrist on the bracelet and I might find the box with more links (no guarantee). $180 PayPal and shipped. OK: Here is a Photo now Sold 0200 hrs Mst 11/24/2019