For sale my beautiful 1950s Vulcain Cricket with alarm -- in excellent vintage condition and working great! Looks fantastic on the wrist -- see pics for details.

Asking £900. Free shipping UK, +£10 EU +£20 US

34 mm dial
42 mm lug to lug
18 mm lug width

This is the only true vintage watch in my very large collection, and while I know nothing about vintage watches, I believe this Vulcain is in remarkably good shape and is a stunner for those who like the vintage aesthetic and appreciate the Cricket's iconic status in the history of watches.

Backstory: during a sudden surge in watch enthusiasm I purchased this Vulcain via an Ebay auction in 2009 from a well established vintage watch dealer based in the USA, for what at the time seemed like a lot of money. My watch enthusiasm subsequently faded, and this Vulcain sat silent in a box for the next 9 years. Having caught the watch bug hard once again, I have been on a massive watch binge over the past two years, but having recently decided that there are limits to the number I can actually wear, I have been paring down my collection and am letting some very nice pieces go including all my sub 40mm watches.

Much to my surprise, the watch seems to be running extremely accurately, and the alarm is also working well. As far as I am aware, the components of the watch are all original (though presumably not the crystal?), except I know that the balance staff was replaced -- I'm not sure if this was with a part salvaged from another Vulcain, or if it was a new part of some sort.

From what I can see, Vulcain Cricket's are quite collectable these days, particularly given the increased popularity of vintage watches and sizes. Since I have no real idea what this is worth, I have simply priced it at a reasonable discount to other recent sales of similar Crickets (adjusted for condition). However, I offer no guarantees other than to say that I bought it with the understanding that it was a genuine collectable piece, and that it certainly looks identical to others of the same vintage I have seen. Similarly, it is running great at the moment, but I can offer no warranty that this will continue. I have many many 100% positive references on WUS, UhrForum, and the Bay, and certainly want any buyer to be happy, but I also am aware of the limitations of my own knowledge in this case, and that vintage watches are more delicate creatures than the latest G-Shock! :- )