For sale is a mod project I have lost interest in. It's taken way too long to gather all the parts for this. But it's all there now for you!

Please read this entire description carefully so you fully understand what I have here.

Here's what it is:

- Seiko SNZG15. I received this watch in a trade. The case and bracelet were polished when the watch arrived with me. The bracelet has all the original links.
- The stock crystal (included in the sale) has been removed in preparation for the mod and a single-domed sapphire crystal (also included in the sale). And there is a new crystal gasket included.
- The stock chapter ring was damaged when I received the watch. A part of the lume at 2:00 is missing and the inner lip is cracked. It could still be used - I would probably just remove all the paint and lume use it sterile. That would make for a bold look. And I have included stick on lume dots that could be applied. I was having a hard time finding a stock chapter ring, but Yobokies does have some aftermarket rings for SNZG.
- The stock 7S26 movement with stock dial and stock hands.
- New Lucius Ateleir Great Wave BGW9 date-only dial with Lucius Ateleir hands with BGW9 lume. The dial still has both sets of feet on it. It's not too late to use this dial in a 4:00 crown Seiko.
- New NH35 movement. Hacking, hand-winding, date-only. The new stem is included.

You get everything pictured. You could basically put the stock watch back together and use the parts for another mod. Or put this all together for the mod I had envisioned.

IMPORTANT: I am willing to assemble this to any level of completeness before shipping. If it includes mounting the dial, I will ask for payment before snipping the feet on the dial. The only piece I am not capable of completing is mounting the stock crown on the new stem for the NH35. Separating Seiko crowns and stems is not something I have figured out yet.

I’m asking $175 >>> $150 >>> $125 or best offer.

Paypal only. I will cover Paypal fees and shipping (tracked and insured) to any USPS zip code - basically as long as I don’t need a customs form. Outside of that, shipping will be the cost of your preferred method minus domestic shipping (about $5 - $10).

Here are my references/feedback: https://forums.watchuseek.com/f63/fe...c-3866386.html

Thanks for looking. Please PM me.

This is a quick mock assembly of how I envisioned putting it together. I figured I'd do something different. Leave the raw steel exposed under the chapter ring - it's not rough or unfinished. And then I got some stick-on lume dots to cover up the indents for the chapter ring. But I think the indents left alone would look nice too since there is one at 12 and one at 6 - it adds some index registration.

Here's the stock chapter ring. I popped the cracked lip out just to show it.

You can see the missing lume at 2:00 and the cracked lip goes back in place just fine. It looks like a scratch when it's put back together.

And all of the feet still on the dial so you can use this in something else with a 4:00 crown if you want.


And here's some pics from the internet...

Here's some with a stock chapter ring.

Some with a Yobokies chapter ring.