Up for sale is my Heuer Carrera CS3110. This is a re-issue of the 1964 Heuer Carrera, and was released in the mid-to-late 1990s. These models have become very collectable and have quite an enthusiast following. I have always kept a few in my collection, and they get constant attention from other collectors. This is likely due to the watch being entirely identical to the original, 1964 model, having the same case, crystal, pushers, crown, etc. These are becoming more and more difficult to find as time goes on, they have already nearly doubled in price in the last few years. The original Carreras sell for multiples of these, but look exactly the same; buy this one instead!

Watch: Heuer Carrera CS3110 Silver Dial , 36mm

Movement: Lemania 873, same as the Speedmaster Professional. Running perfectly; chrono resets to zero. This watch has been serviced and I can provide timing measurements to interested parties.

Condition: 92% - This watch shows wear consistent with regular, careful wear over its 20 year lifespan. There are hairline scratches on the polished surfaces, but no major dings or damage. A light cape cod would make this case perfect. The crystal is acrylic, and thus has some minor marks. I can polish them out easily if the buyer desires, but I don't polish my watches, so it will be on request only.

Included: Watch, original strap (has seen better days, but including), genuine Omega brown calf strap which fits nicely IMO, original tang buckle

Price: $2725; I prefer smooth transactions with established members.

Location: NJ/NYC/PA/CT. Face to face transactions are welcome.


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