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For sale is a beautiful Rolex Sea Dweller 16600 from 1989. This is an excellent example of what's often considered the last true Rolex sports model that was truly built for purpose; a tool watch in every regard.

Overall it is in very good, honest condition. Yes, it's been polished at some point during its 30-year life, and yes it has a few scratches on the case. It hasn't been a safe queen, but it also hasn't been abused. The case still has sharp edges and the lugs are not rounded. No deep gouges on the case or bezel. Being the first year of the 16600 model, it has the desirable tritium dial/hands which will develop a wonderful patina over time, and lug holes so switching from the bracelet to a leather or rubber strap is very easy.

Sale includes the watch with 93160 bracelet and 592 end links (complete with diver's extension and two extra links - should fit up to 8" wrist), inner box, outer cardboard box, watch pillow (it's kind of crumbling which is why it's in a ziplock bag), cleaning cloth, anchor, chronometer/serial number hang tags, warranty/chronometer certificate, instruction booklets, and original sales receipt from 1990.

At some point before I purchased the watch, the bezel insert had been replaced with a 3rd party insert with a luminova pip. I have since swapped it with a genuine Rolex, period-correct, aluminum insert with tritium pip, and it lines up perfectly. The bracelet has also been replaced at some point (the G code on the clasp indicates that it's from a 16660 model around 1982). The bracelet is genuine Rolex, and the correct model for this watch, but it's not original to this particular watch. It fits perfectly since the 16660 and 16600 share the same case dimensions, the only difference is the date code on the clasp. The bracelet has very little stretch, and has lots of life left.

One last note about the bracelet - I had my watchmaker remove the link closest to the clasp on the 6 o'clock side. I have 6.5" wrists, and without this link removed, the clasp sat on my wrist unevenly. I'm happy to have my watchmaker reinstall the link (this will result in a shipping delay), or you/your watchmaker can reinstall it. It's a very quick and simple job, although not as simple as removing the "normal" links with screw pins. But any competent watchmaker should be able to do this in just a few minutes. If your wrist is 7" or smaller, I'd recommend leaving the link out and seeing how it fits before reinstalling it.

The glossy black dial is excellent, and the crystal is flawless (and complete with laser etched Rolex crown logo). The tritium lume plots are all intact and solid without any chipping or flaking. The hour hand does have one tiny little pin point where the lume is missing, but it's nearly impossible to notice unless you're looking very up close. Mechanically, this watch is running very well and keeping excellent time, gaining only 3-4 seconds per day (see photo of timegrapher reading). The crown clicks out to 1st and 2nd position easily, hand winding is smooth, time and date adjustments are exactly as they should be. Date wheel snaps over at midnight (maybe like 12:03 if I remember...honestly I'm rarely up that late!).

Overall a really excellent watch that will continue to perform well, as it has for the past 30 years. Take care of it, and it will last longer than your lifetime. If you're looking at this auction and have read this far, then you know that Rolex steel sports models (especially vintage) have done nothing but increase in value over the past several years, and will likely continue to do so. I would love to keep this watch, but my collection is always evolving, growing, and changing, and it's time to let this one go. I've loved every minute wearing it and may regret selling it, but I hope it goes on to someone who will enjoy it as much as I have over the past several years.

I'm located in Connecticut if you want to see it in person. US buyers only, please, no international shipping. If you have little or no feedback, please contact me before buying. And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to message me. Thanks for looking!

Listed on eBay for $7950, WUS price $7500, can discount if paying via method without fees. Not looking for trades, but might entertain other Rolex models, vintage or modern. Message me if interested!

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