"While it was not strictly JDM, most were sold in Japan and it was only made for 2-3 years. Inside sits Seiko’s 6139 caliber which is a non hand-winding, single register (minutes) column-wheel integrated chronograph that utilizes parts of the rugged, read: bulletproof, 6106 movement. Day and date are changed quick-set style by pushing in the crown either one or two detents.

The watch foregoes hand-winding due to its Magic Lever system that allows for efficient winding no matter which direction the rotor spins. The 6139’s tend to have beefy cases due to their movements but the 6040 actually wears on the smaller side versus other Seiko chronographs of the day."

Movements runs well though you will need to replace the second hand and unable to reset to zero with the pusher. $399 worldwide registered shipping. (kindly add 4% paypal fee)

Vintage 300m 6159 not for sale.