In here is a very rare Raketa Calendar with Full English calendar, day wheel, and dial. I bought the watch in NOS condition and used it for a while. It keeps excellent time.

The watch has a defect in which the day wheel is misaligned, and it shows the empty space in between two days. I don’t have the right tools or the expertise to carry out the fix myself, and because of that, the watch has never really grown on me.

Apart from that, the watch is in a very good cosmetic condition. Mainly very light scratches on the crystal, the case and the bracelet. The bracelet itself is a 1970s Mido, of which I also was the first owner. See pictures for details.

If you want the watch and the springbars only, I can do for 40USD.
If you want the bracelet too, I can do for 50USD.
The watch retains its original thick springbars too.