Elgin 6552 "Edgewater"

This is one of the coolest vintage watches you will ever see, the Elgin Edgewater. Elgin went all out to make an indestructible watch. Water Proof (Back then you could say that!). Shock Proof, Antimagnetic, and Dust Proof!

Take a look at the picture: From the left, the crystal and crystal gasket, the movement (dial down), the stainless steel shock cage, the soft iron magnetic protection cage, the case back gasket and the case back secured with four large screws. Quite the production for the mid-fifties.

A 17J, Elgin 674 movement that has been disassembled, cleaned and lubricated. Regulated and running like a champ. Hand polished 10K RGP case with all gaskets in place and secured with the four case back screws. There is slight staining along the left edge of the dial, but not enough to merit restoration of the dial and loss of the patina and authenticity.

I have run across exactly two of these watches and I now own both of them. Here's your chance to score a unique piece of history from a great American watch company.

$175.00 (OBRO) shipped within CONUS; overseas at costs and as always, customs and VAT are the buyer's responsibility. PP(+3.5+) or USPS MO

Thanks for looking.