I bought this earlier this year because it’s beautiful, but I really won’t get the chance to wear it. The member I bought it from stated that it had been recently serviced by his watchmaker, but I have no record of that. It winds beautifully, and keeps time. I don’t know how accurate, as I never wear it. The dial and hands are beautiful, and i was told they are original.

The crystal is a replacement. The crystal has a small chip near the 4 o’clock marker. It doesn’t show in all pictures, but it’s there. You can feel it with your finger. I’m not sure if it arrived that way, like I said, I never wear it. I didn’t notice it for about a month, so I didn’t bother contacting the seller, as there’s no way I could claim it arrived that way a month after receiving it. However, I can’t imagine how I did it either. I’ve never worn it out. Anyway, it’s there.

Aside from that chip on the non original crystal, the watch is beautiful. A WONDERFUL vintage piece.

The watch is gold filled. It’s about 29mm across, and 35mm lug to lug. It has 16mm lugs. It has BEAUTIFUL blued hands, and gorgeous raised numbers. An amazing Art Deco piece.

It will come on the black leather strap it’s currently on, and the 1 dark brown leather strap shown with it. The light brown strap that it’s shown on on in a few pictures is not included. That’s long gone.

I’m asking what I paid. 150.00 net to me. Conus shipping included.

These first 3 pictures were taken from the original FS post from which i bought it. I did not take these pictures. The strap shown in these 3 pictures is the strap that will NOT be included.

The following pictures were taken by me. I highlighted the chip. It appears as a blurry mark in the 3rd picture. It looks more like a mark on the dial there, but it’s not. It’s a chip in the crystal. The last picture shows it on my 8” wrist. The straps shown here ARE included.

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