I’m reducing the number of watches that I own and up for sale is my DW-5600MS with a positive LCD. It had only been worn a handful of times but otherwise has been sitting unused in my watch box for quite a while so it’s time for me to let it go.

This watch was assembled by myself and started life as a normal DW-5600E with 3229 module and was modified into this positive version of the DW-5600MS using the original DW-5600MS crystal, bezel and strap.

The watch in like new condition as well as the rest of the watch due to the lack of use, specifically the strap as I never wore the watch with it. The crystal is scratch free and clear of any blemishes. Functionally there are no problems with the watch. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee water resistance but there is no reason to believe that it would have any issues with typical water based activities.

Asking $50. No trades please. Payment through PayPal and I will cover the PayPal fees and shipping within the continental USA. I will also consider shipping internationally but buyer will be responsible for additional shipping costs.

Please note that the sale does not include the watch stand shown in the pictures nor the manual, box or hang tag.

Below are more pictures of the watch but please let me know if you need different pictures taken.

The original DW-5600MS strap has the 1545 module number printed on it.