Have yet another watch on my mind so something needs to go to make room. I just installed brand new band and resin bezel, as well as brand new black bezel. Will also come with the original stainless bezel and the adhesive tape if you really want to stick it all on there. I didnt want to bother with it since its on there pretty solid and unless your planning on doing some serious water sports with it it should hold just fine. Everything works as advertised and the watch receives signal nightly. The original stainless bezel does have some scratches from use but its not very noticeable and there is nothing too major to report. The glass unfortunately has some scratches as well. There is a 6-7mm scratch right next to the 2 o'clock and another small mark right above the LCD display. Not too noticeable at a glance but if you have scratch ocd then this is not a watch for you. Comes as pictured in a generic G-Shock box with stainless bezel and tape, nothing else.

Asking $240 shipped, OBO.

Thanks for looking.