I'm sacrificing my DA36 to the watch gods in order to try something new. This watch is 2 years old. I just had it regulated by the Watchmann himself. At present it's ETA movement is running about ~2 seconds slow and over the past two years, it has been +/- 2 seconds a day. There are two dings that are evident -one near the 9 o'clock and the other between the six and seven (see pictures) and to be honest I never notice them. The sapphire crystal has no scratches. The AR coating does have typical wear/scratches (see video). The included strap is made by Man Cave Leather and it has been worn a handful of times, but is in great shape. The "watch passport" (manual) is included, but no box.

Video of the crystal and AR coating: https://youtu.be/T284UB6qDyE

I've only made two deals on this forum and did not ask for feedback on either one, but if you are concerned I can give you my professional information (I'm a chiropractor) and you can rest assured that I would not risk my license over a watch deal.


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You can also see a glimpse of the watch in a video I recently did for my clinic here:


or here