Price NOW $3,499 - part trades on divers possible.

This is a Rolex Air-King, ref 116900, from 2016. Its the new, larger case version (41mm) that is basically a Milgauss model with a different dial, handset, and clear (not green) crystal. It has a twin lock crown, inner iron cage, and a very solid feel. Included are the papers and warranty card, and the 'box'. The ordinal markers are gold at 3,6,9, and triangle at 12. It is keeping excellent time. The condition matches the TZ FAIR (72%) description parameters. and can best be understood by reviewing these threads about it:

I took all of the pieces of the Rolex box and glued them together into a working box. You can still clearly see the tire tread marks in the interior, so that should not be a concern. Additionally, I married what was left of the bracelet onto some aftermarket pieces so that it could be worn on the watch if you have end pieces that can fit this watch. The lug hole placement is closer to the case than on a Submariner, so none of the endpieces I have are workable. Both of these two modifications can be easily undone without resorting to driving over them with your car. I should add that it is extremely liberating to wear a Rolex without having the slightest concerns about knocking into anything or putting a scratch on it!

Priced at NOW $3,550 shipped overnight in the USA.