I’m looking to sell my vintage British Army issued Hamilton W10 from 1973. I bought a few of the nicest W10s I could find recently but don’t need two of them so am looking to sell this one. This is in absolutely fantastic shape given its age and is running smoothly. I purchased this from a reputable British military watch collector in the UK who has a handful of these and who has had them serviced. To find an all-original W10 in this condition which has been serviced is quite rare and it’s unlikely you’ll ever find one in this condition again. It is running well and maintaining proper power reserve as expected given the recent service. To my knowledge this is all original and that is how it was presented to me by the collector I purchased it from. The dial has some very slight spotting between 3-4 and there are of course some light marks on the crystal and case, although if near NOS was a real thing, this case is certainly fitting of the adjective.

I’m looking for $1k for this, which given the condition and the price of inferior pieces, let alone ones that have been serviced, seems quite fair. If interested, please text me at 515-681-2742 or DM me here.

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