For sale is a nice, running Seiko 5 Sportmatic reference 6619-7990 with gold plated case on a gold-plated bracelet.

The watch is running and keeping time. I made an adjustment since it was running a bit fast but overall the movement is in really nice shape. The crown is tiny on these but setting the watch works both for time and day setting (via pulling the crown) and the quickset date feature (which works by pushing in on the crown.)

21 jewel (18 functional) 6619A Movement inside a 36mm case

This watch is from the mid 1960's. The case shows some mild scratches but it's obviously never been polished because the case lines are all very sharp. The crystal could use a polish or replacement but it's not bad as-is. This is not one of the more common references and the dial is one that I haven't seen many of. It has the crosshair but also some vertical lines that run down the middle of the dial giving it texture. The hour markers are on the rehaut. The bracelet shows some loss of the gold plate; I'm not sure if this was original to the watch or not but the way it integrates to the case leads me to believe it is. There is a mark inside the clasp that says Z (in a circle) K14 GF. It fits my 6 3/4" wrist snugly but there are some adjusting holes on the clasp.

I found this at an estate and have owned it for several months. Asking $150 plus shipping from zip 19382 or face to face in the Philly suburbs.