Howdy. I have for sale a black-dialed quartz-driven Victorinox Inox 43 mm on bracelet. This is a great beater watch, and has been worn. Probably only worn a total of 20 times, but it was during outdoor activities, so it does show some wear. No real gouges or dings though, just light sratches/swirlies (refer to pics that show wear - highlighted by strong indoor lighting). I mostly wore it on nato, so the bracelet is in very good shape with minor desk diving marks. The wear on the case is mostly on the bezel, the sides and back are pretty clean. Great watch, it just doesn't fit a need for me so it doesn't get worn. I'll also include an orange stretch strap as well as shown in the pics.

Asking $165 via paypal shipped in US. Sorry - no international deals on this one. Not worth the hassle of visiting our lovely USPS post office. I prefer to deal with members with feedback, but will deal with new members under certain circumstances. Not interested in trades for this one, just a sale. I have plenty of references, so no fear of funny business.