Up for your consideration today is my Borealis Estoril 300. This is the date at 3 o'clock blue variant. This includes the full kit. This watch is in great condition but has been worn. Id give it a solid 8/10. There are no scratches on the bezel or crystal. Some minor scratches near the lugs from strap changes as well as some on the caseback as well. I recently acquired this watch in a trade and it just hasn't seen any wrist time so I'd like to move it to a home where it will be worn. The watch fees great on the wrist. Along with the OEM bracelet, the watch also comes with 4 additional straps. Two brown leather 2 piece straps, one black leather nato, and a blue rubber strap. There is enough room for the rubber to fit up to a 7.5 inch wrist and can be cut down to fit smaller wrists. NO additional bracelet links were provided. The bracelet as it currently is sized should fit a 7inch wrist with 1 additional micro adjustment left. to use.
Looking for $400 OBO. Shipped CONUS.

Pic: https://imgur.com/Jix4Omn
Pic: https://imgur.com/PPVDxw1
Pic: https://imgur.com/AAv0Dhj
Pic: https://imgur.com/OoSrEYw
Pic (from previous owner): https://imgur.com/yuJS4PA
Straps Pic: https://imgur.com/wURksIu