Terms and Conditions (sorry, but some buyers are REALLY picky, so I have to start with the legalese - groan.):

- Payment by Paypal only. Please no fees to me. If sending payment by way of Goods and Services please add 3%.
- All prices in USD.
- North American sales only. These watches ship from Ottawa, Canada and will be sent Expedited tracked shipping. Forst $100 insurance is included.
- All prices include shipping, but if you want insurance for full value, the extra cost is on you. All shipping will include tracking numbers.
- Returns only if the watch is found to have undisclosed issues. No returns for buyer's remorse.
- I try to describe all watches as best I can. All are from my personal collection. None are new in box, so minor swirls, scuffs, etc. should be expected. The pics are part of the descriptions.
- Contacts via PM please - first "I'll take it" rules apply.

1) Casio G-Shock GW-M5610 with authentic G-shock Combi bracelet. This is a solar-powered G-shock that also updates to atomic time via Multi-band 6 radio signal. Great watch, in original box with all original papers, etc. Comes with all combi bracelet links. Watch has been worn maybe twice and has virtually no signs of wear. Guaranteed fully authentic. $150 shipped.

2) Casio G-shock DW5400 Japan B model. Case back and crystal in excellent condition. All functions work. Casio Japan marked clasp. The bezel is a NOS replacement from 2 years ago. All screw are original. OEM band. Watch has been disassembled and received all new OEM gaskets, including button gaskets. It would be very tough to improve on this classic vintage 5400. $250 shipped.

3) Casio G-shock DW-5900. This is an original Japan vintage piece, not a re-issue. Often called the "Bad Boys" watch because Will Smith wore one in the film of the same name. This one is in immaculate shape and has had a new polarizing filter installed. All buttons have been re-gasketed and greased. Original NOS band and clasp. I put a new bezel on it as well, it's indiscernable from an old original with correct paint scheme and correct pliability and texture. Basically this watch has been overhauled to as-new with a new battery also. $300 shipped.

4) G-Shock DW-6100. This watch has an innovative thermometer sensor, maybe the first sensor-equipped watch Casio sold. This one is in great condition, all functions verified working. All buttons were removed and re-greased. NOS strap. The bezel, like virtually all 6100's that retain bezels, is a reproduction/replacement. Great looking watch from a bygone Casio era. New battery. $200 shipped.

5) Casio DW-6900. The timeless classic, often seen on the wrists of servicemen the world over these last 20 years. All gaskets just replaced and re-greased. This one is a rather early Made in Korea example in as-new condition - not one of the more common and modern Chinese production versions. $75 shipped.

6) Vintage Casio DW-5600C Japan H. 901 movement. Stainless steel body with screw back - these vintage watches are extremely well built "tanks". This one is in great shape, very few marks on caseback. Clean crystal. Authentic band. New battery. All buttons removed and re-greased. The bezel is a good quality reproduction. $250 shipped.

7) Casio GLX-150B G-LIDE. 3295 Movement. Tracks moon phase and the tides. Great condition, only worn a few times. $110 shipped.

8) Casio DW-5600E. this is an early 5600E, made in Malayia, not China. Crystal is perfect, nice caseback. All buttons re-greased and watch re-gasketed. Comes with JaysandKays strap holders and a new heavy-duty Zulu strap. Bezel is as-new and sports a bezel cage, PVD black. $75 shipped.

9) Casio DW-8200 Frogman. Titanuim cased Casio diving watch. New battery and re-greased gaskets. Crystal is scratch-free, as is the case back. Original bezel and strap with very minor wear for its age - no splits or cracks. Everything works flawlessly - a real great early frogman that is totally authentic. $300 shipped.

10) Casio DW-9050. Comes with original Casio camouflage velcro band - it has just been laundered. Everything works great and it's in great shape. $52 shipped.