Making a cohesive thread for all my sales since bumping 5 threads daily just clutters it all.

Seiko Silverwave quartz 7121-7020 $90 - SOLD


Another piece from my collection, a really nice early Seiko Silverwave quartz. On the smaller size of the Silverwave family as they are usually big semi-sport watches with screwed crowns.

Case is in great shape and retains the original finish, bracelet is the correct fitting type for this case type and still has the instructions sticker in the clasp folds, clasp is alright and has some wear. Hands and dial are excellent, crystal is nice and clear unlike a lot of early Seiko mineral crystals but has a few scratches as shown.

A very petite watch at a 42mm lug to lug, about 38~39mm diameter, 16mm lug width (bracelet starts at 20mm and tapers to 16mm at the clasp), pictures shown on my 18.5cm/7.25inch wrist which is the max the bracelet can fit.

Vintage JDM Citizen CQ quartz brown dial -75$


Nice and early Citizen CQ quartz with Kanji/English daydate. Movement works and i replaced the battery recently, quickset works on day/date and it's in decent shape overall with some small scratches on the case and bracelet and some of the caseback brushing in worn. The brown gradient/suburst dial is really hard to capture in images, but looks amazing. Very petite 37mm size with with 40mm lug to lug and 20mm lug width.

Citizen NH8050 Dolphin diver- $290 - TRADED


Another box queen up for grabs. This time a really very rare Citizen Dolphin diver, named so after the exquisite caseback milling.

Caseback aside, the watch itself looks great with no major dings or scratches on the case besides a few swivel marks from strap changing. Crystal is nice and clear though has a few scratches on it.

The workhorse 8200 movement is in great shape and the winding and setting feels extremely smooth and snappy, moreso than my much newer NY0040. Accuracy wise it's somewhere in the +12~20 secs per day which is within spec of the movement though your results may vary. Handwinding works, Day/date quickset works and is an unusual English/Arabic.

It's somewhat petite for a diver~esq watch, a 40.5mm diameter, 45mm lug to lug and 19mm lug width. Comes with a 22mm army green Phoenix nato and and an excellent quality rubber bracelet.

Obris Morgan Explorer 2-300$

Images will be up soon:

Catch and release for me, not a big fan of the chunky case.

Beautiful blue dial with blue bezel insert in excellent shape. Movement was serviced by the earlier owner and is running at a steady +10secs perday. (9015 is rated +30/-10). Watch has some minor swirrels from usage on the case but overall in good shape. Size is 42mm, 51mm lug to lug, and 20mm lug width.

Comes with the bracelet with all the links, along with the original rubber strap and a couple of nato straps, however i do not have the pelican case.

Wostok (Vostok) poor mans Omega Dynamic- 60$

Pictures :

A piece from my personal collection and a bit of a box queen since it was worn VERY sparsely as i don't usually own of wear gold/gold plated watches.

A very nice 1970's piece made in the soviet union as an export model with the robust SU marked 2414A movement, same movement that's still being made today for the Komandirskie line and all handwound Vostok's. Case is in impeccable shape for being an almost 50 year old plated case, crystal is excellent with no large visible marks, dial is in good shape but with a tiny white spot near the 12 o'clock marker. Comes on a nice Spanish made leather nato with brass rings that fits the watch very well.

As far as service history goes i got the watch over 4 years ago and had it checked up when i arrived, since it's a box queen i felt no need to service it except wind it up occasionally. Even though it's a Vostok 24XX cal i would still recommend a service if possible as it's got same age to it.

Case diameter is 40.5~41mm, 45mm lug to lug, 18mm lugs.

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