So I preordered one of these beauties a few weeks before a grail came up for sale. I've been waffling whether to keep it, but I just don't expect it to get much time on the wrist, so I'd rather pass it along while it's still in mint condition. I wore it for a dog walk once, but that's it. Stickers still on the watch, bracelet unsized, etc.

If you aren't familiar with this watch, Ball put together a heck of a watch - an in house, COSC movement with 80 hour reserve. Enough Tritium tubes to keep you telling time through an Icelandic winter night. It's a really beautiful, surprisingly well-integrated bracelet. And this is serial #37 (out of 1000), if prime numbers are your thing.

This is the 40mm version.

I'm offering this at $1300. Not really interested in trades at this point.