Bought two of these watches. Have been trying to sell, so asking a lower price now. 125 piece limited run. New pictures. $1899 PayPal open to offers for the right person. I'll pay shipping. If you want to do a face to face transaction in Minnesota, let me know. Otherwise, watch will be shipped USPS 2nd day.

For those that know, Ming has classic styled watches whose small details punch above their class. These watches fit the a dressy casual watch (styling) that you can take into the rain/lake/out and about (100m water resistance). Ming offers special touches in design and materials that stand out even amongst micro brand watches. For example, the placement of the GMT indicator. It was placed so that it does not dominate the watch face because for most people, GMT time should be secondary to telling the regular time. The classic 38mm case size fits a variety of wrist sizes, with lugs that flare out for, as Ming describes it himself, "extra visual suspense." The titanium case is comfortable without being too light, which makes putting it on and wearing it easy and comfortable. My bias is towards less bulky watches. Additionally, the low heat conductivity of titanium keeps the watch from getting too hot or too cold. Living in Minnesota, this is a nice feature, given the warm humid summers and the cold winters. For the strap lovers out there, the case has two sets of holes, one accepts the curved endlinks of the included leather straps. The other, is straight and can accept conventional straps. Change to your heart's content.

This watch for sale is unworn, but my personal experience has been joyful. My 17.03 gets more wrist time than any of my other watches for a few reasons. It does not get boring. I have another watch that is considered a grail, but I love staring at this blue dial. The dial 'changes' from dark almost black (low angle, low light) to a brilliant blue (full on sunlight). It is very daily wearable...if that's a term. I don't care what people say, the 100m water resistance allows me to wear it without worrying about it. I've taken mine (not the one for sale) swimming in the ocean (*gasp*). In public, it has also been my most commonly asked about / complimented watch, but discreet because of no easily seen brand name. For those that care, I've received several notices from other watch enthusiasts at meet-ups and from "behind the counter" at watch stores. It is a unique piece and I hope I can find the right buyer.

A few highlights:
Titanium case - lighter, less heat conductive, 'self-repair' small scratches. Love this feature.
No 'ghost' spaces on the crown - could have gone with another movement and left some spaces because most people would not care or notice, but they opted for quality
GMT tracking complication - easy, unobtrusive
100m water resistant - dressy watch with tech specs
Quick change leather straps - change straps without having to fuss with a spring bar. These leather straps have specially designed curved spring bars to produce a really clean look. At the same time, there is a second space for spring bars that allow you to use straight spring bars and conventional straps / natos if you choose. Signed buckles on both.

125 piece anniversary release - This watch is a limited run specifically for the anniversary and will not be remade. It is the closest you can get to the original 17.01.

This watch is still sealed in original wrapping, unopened. As such, I do not have beautiful pictures of the watch in the light. I've included a few of the stock photos for reference, but the watch wrapped in plastic is yours and has remained sealed.

This sale includes all original materials:
17.03 Ming Blue GMT Watch head
Straps with quick release spring bars (2)
Travel pouch - soft leather for transporting all of the above, even space for an additional watch.
Warranty card

Enjoy the watch! Thanks!

24-hour dial ring, grade 2 titanium case construction, and a convenient quick release mechanism for the matching grade 2 titanium bracelet
38mm diameter
9.8mm thick
43.9mm lug to lug
available in black and burgundy, this was a limited run of blue for the anniversary. 125 pieces.
100m water resistance
C1 superluminova
Included: wood display box, leather and suede lined travel pouch, adjustment tool, papers
Strap/Bracelet: chocolate nubuck, anthracite nubuck, both quick release and compatible with bracelet

"Personally, while I found the original [19.01] designs alluring, it was difficult for me to visualize myself voting with my dollar, but I have a very different feeling about this new [17.03] GMT. Maybe it’s the fluid design, added practicality, easier price point, or the convenience of the new quick release titanium bracelet. Whatever it is, anyone perched on the fence and considering the 17.03 should probably get a move on..."

"You get all the construction details that made the 17.01 so appealing, plus an improved dial, a second time zone indication, and of course the inclusion of a quick-change titanium bracelet....The 17.03 GMT is original, affordable, and practical as well and shows that attention to detail and delivery of good value are very much a part of the identity of the 17.xx series from Ming."

For specific coverage on this limited watch:

"Ming 17.03 GMT: A Brand On A Roll"