Selling a bunch of watches I got in a trade. Some cheapies and a few nicer ones. Prices include shipping to Canada and the U.S. Deals if buying more than one. Any questions just ask. I've bought and sold on here lots of times and have over 5600 positives on Ebay under kwcsports name. Attachment 14221127Attachment 14221125Attachment 14221123Attachment 14221113Attachment 14221093Attachment 14221105Attachment 14221103Attachment 14221097Attachment 14221095

1. G-Shock GD350- SOLD
2. Orient Bambino Ver 2, near new, Cream dial, blue hands, on a nice Alligator strap, original strap included- SOLD
3. Corgeut 44mm Pilot watch, hand wind, near new- SOLD
4. Keller & Weber quartz chrono, nice leather strap- SOLD
5. Benyar quartz Chrono, new- SOLD
6. 2 Tevise Subs- Gold auto, Blue face quartz- SOLD
7. 3 Tevise Datejust autos- Black dial 2 tone, Blue Dial 2 tone, White Dial 2 tone- SOLD