I bought this lovely watch which is now discontinued, in December 2018. I have to sell it now, because I need to expand my collection.
I think that if you are here reading this, you already know the watch, so I don't need to write much.
The caliber is 6R15 Seiko automatic, and the water resistance is 200m. The crystal is sapphire. I think that the guarantee is still valid. I bought it new from USA, in December 2018, and paid all the customs..

I appreciate genuine interest in this watch, and don't accept returns. Also, the watch is in EU, so if you are outside EU, consider that you may have to pay some extra money on customs to import it, and of course you acknowledge that you are responsible for all other expenses after buying it.

I will include all the papers, tags, box that it came with. I also will include the original unworn band, the one in the photo, and a bracelet as a gift. The bracelet is a gift because it will come to you with a few defects, which you can probably fix (it's a little bended), but it is a gift, and not included in the price.

The price is 550€, not included the PayPal fees.I can send to EU and USA, shipping is about 25€ extra, with tracking number.