Up for sale is the Seiko SLA025 (SLA025J). This is the faithful reissue of the legendary 6159-7001.

This has the monocoque case, Grand Seiko movement beating at 36,000 vph (8L55), 37 Jewel and 55 hr power reserve. Its 44.8mm in diameter and 15.7mm thick. This is number 588 of 1500 made. Retail Price is $5,400... if you can find one. They are extremely rare in the wild.

There is slight mark on the lacquer bezel at the 52 min mark and a slight scuff on the coin edge that I can only feel, but cannot see with my naked eye. All of these lacquer bezel Seikos exhibit these hairlines with any amount of wear, but they are only visible at exact angles. I still wouldn't trade it for ceramic as there is a look to these bezels that just can't be beat. My camera is able to pick it up but just slightly and it is much more pronounced in the photos because I made sure the angles were right to capture it in each shot. All other swirls on the mirror polished finish are hairline and consistent with any wear at all. My belief is that these high end Seiko's are meant to be enjoyed, such a waste to keep them in the safe.

This is such a cool piece as it looks nearly exactly like its vintage predecessor but has the bits of a modern timepiece and rarity to boot. These monocoque case Seiko's are simply my favorite and the ultra smooth second hand humming along at 10 beats per second is something that will keep you looking for years to come.

Asking $3,500 Shipped.