This was a purchase on Jan 2 , 2019 from an AD as a replacement for a watch I was wearing doing some rough things. Wore it for a day and then have put it on here and there to keep it wound and to decide, waited until the project was over, but since decided to keep my ‘wabied’ original.

Therefore you have on offer a 99% watch. I’m sure it has a swirlie or two.
Comes with the box pictured and the warranty card dated as above. Bracelet has been sized and the extra links are in the box.

Lovely watch, dial is excellent and the AR crystal coating makes it look as if the crystal popped out!

Sell in CONUS for $700 shipped priority insured. Add a bit if elsewhere and buyer accepts all responsibility for shipping, customs and loss. Need some good references if outside USA sale.

Will consider any Kobold original Soarway Diver in titanium and prefer bracelet for trade, but that’s it.

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