For sale or trade I have a Swiss Made Bulova Accu Swiss watch with the silver sunburst dial. The watch is about 41mm with 20mm lugs, perfect size similar of other popular watches. It sports a nicely domes sapphire crystal and a leather strap with deployment. I actually had one of these before and was thoroughly pleasantly surprised by the quality, comfort and good looks. Unfortunately in order to be able to do more projects I have to get in some funds and since this watch is literally like new I am offering this for sale or trade.

The box is finished with what I think is called Piano which is a smooth glossy beautiful finish really higher and over many other boxes I have seen included quite a few other Swiss made watches, the watch itself is super nice with a Swiss movement and smooth second ticking. I have not worn this watch and it is like new. I like it because it looks like many other models but for a fraction of the cost.

Here is a link to some specs for this watch:

I am asking $275 for this including paypal fees and shipping. I am open to offers and trades especially for watches and parts I can use for my projects or partial trades with watches and cash to me.

Here a few quick point and shoot pics: