I have a custom gw-5000 /gw-5000hr. Watch has the case from the discontinued gw-5000hr. Backplate is from a gw-5000 as well as the band. The bezel is from a dw5600bb. Module is from a gwm5610bc. This watch is essentially a gw-5000hr with a different band and bezel. All parts are brand new. Case back still has the protective sticker on it. All watch functions are perfect. Assembled with extreme care so no misaligned solar panel like is fairly normal with these models. I haven’t sold a lot on here but have sold quite a bit on eBay through the years under freebird610 with 100% positive feedback. Here is the link to this watch on eBay if you would like to confirm my feedback.

Asking $260 paypal goods shipped.

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Price drop to $250