If you're looking at this, you know this watch and how hard they can be to get. I'm not sure which gen this was - I think III. It's got the 12 hour bezel. It's a beautiful watch and I love it. It looks even better in person. I'm only selling it because, well, I have a lot of watches, love all of them, and can't keep them all. :)

It has been worn maybe 10 times total. It comes with the travel pouch, blue canvas strap (tried on once), and the black rubber strap. There are minute strap-changing scratches on the underside of the lugs, but other than that I see no scratches or wear marks. Still has the sticker on the back.

Asking $800 OBRO shipped and Paypal'd in the US. Outside the US, let's talk about it. I have good references and have bought and sold plenty on this forum.