For sale is my Zodiac ZO9258 Super Sea Wolf. First blue dial watch I’ve ever owned but after a few weeks I’ve decided blue isn’t my thing on a wrist watch.

Will come with box, extra links and receipt which can be used as warranty since this was purchased from an outlet. I purchased this about a month ago and have worn it a few times. As for condition there’s not much to note. It is as near mint as they come. The only small issue with this one is when the hour hand lines up to 12 the minute hand will be about 5-6 minutes passed the hour. Most watches are not perfect in this regard, but it is a very easy fix for any watch maker if it bothers you.

Retail is $1295, my price is $525 usd shipped within Canada or USA. PayPal plus fees or F&F, I will include shipping in the price. Can provide many references across all the major watch boards. If this doesn’t sell fast I won’t be heart broken.

Possible trades cash + or -
Zodiac Super Sea Wolf’s
Vintage Omega Dynamic
Timex Marlin Auto (40mm in Black)
Maybe others..

Thanks for looking!

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