For sale is my JLC Reverso Tribute to 1931. Fantastic dress watch, ultra thin (7.2mm), with a JLC in-house manual wind movement. I purchased it locally from a gentleman who's posted a few things in various forums. It comes with both the OEM JLC crocodile leather strap, as well as the sought after brown Casa Fagliano strap (ordered via JLC, not Casa Fagliano themselves). The watch does have a couple superficial scratches, nothing a slight polish wouldn't buff out. I chose to leave it unpolished as I am aware thatmost watches end up collecting scratches in the end anyhow. Otherwise, it was serviced and pressure tested within the last couple years and runs perfectly. The flipping mechanism is smooth and easy to use, even when it's on your wrist. All in all, a beautiful piece.

I do not have the original box or papers, but I do have several other forms of documentation: purchase receipts, jeweler's appraisal, service paperwork, as well as paperwork from pressure testing and inspection done most recently. I also have the JLC Service pouch that came with the watch.

On the rare occasions these do come up for sale, they typically command quite a pretty penny. However, since mine is not a perfect set, I'm listing it at $6500 shipped including Paypal fees.

Please feel free to PM me with any questions. I have plenty of forum feedback on here should anyone need references. (I'll post more pictures a bit later when I grab the watch out of storage).