I just bought this Marathon SAR from the owner/founder of MWR. It is a new old stock watch and has never been worn. I’m selling it because I already have a chunky steel diver and don’t need another.

The watch is running perfectly but since it’s 13 years old you should get it pressure checked before diving with it. No returns and no trade offers please.

Comes with box and paper. Complete kit from Marathon, although I happened to notice that the s/n on the box label doesn't match the s/n on the watch itself. This is the way it came to me.

$625 shipped in the USA. Tons of references here and at other forums so deal with me with confidence.

Thanks for looking.


EDIT: I had a question about bezel alignment, so I took some macro shots using a real camera. I tried to catch the seconds hand when it was perfectly lined up at 12 and 6 to provide a vertical axis against which to compare. I don't believe the bezel has alignment issues, but the bottom line is that its insert is not the most finely printed thing. Anyway, I hope these pics help.