$1100 PayPal and Shipped

Picked this up from another forum members a few months back. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hate selling this, but as I mentioned in my other post, I’m chasing a few iconic pieces this year. This is one of the best made divers I’ve owned. There is no wonder they were priced high when they first came out. I put this watch significantly above the Oris 65 in build quality, design, and originality. And at this price point, I think it’s the best watch you can buy. I’m selling it for what I picked it up for. The watch was worn a lot by me, as you can see. There are some scuffs on the back of the bracelet from my bracelet, but I assume they can be buffed/polished out. The bracelet also shows normal signs of wear. There are no marks on the crystal from what I can see. Will come with the full kit (Bracelet with all the links, and the Monta rubber strap).

I believe Monta and Oak and Oscar are making the 2 best watches in the Micro Brand Market. This one is simply stunning.

No Trades.

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