Never thought I’d do this, but since I’m so torn between the two divers I currently own (and only want to keep one), I’m putting my modded Seiko SRP775 (gilt turtle) up for sale. Whichever one sells first is the one that goes.

I purchased this watch used last fall and have worn it regularly. When I received the watch it was running a little slow (about -10 spd) and the bracelet was beat to hell. The watch head was still in good condition. So, I decided to purchase a new OEM bracelet, perform some mods, and regulate the movement to get it closer to even. The mods I performed include a box sapphire crystal, coin edge bezel, and ceramic bezel insert. New crystal, bezel, and caseback gaskets were installed as part of the modifications. I did not do a pressure test after the mods, but I did do a basic water tightness test, which consisted of leaving the case (movement-free at that point) submerged in a 5-gallon bucket of water for an hour. It was water tight then and I can confirm that the watch has been swimming with me a handful of times since modifying and I’ve had zero issues.

After regulating the watch it has been averaging around -2 to +2 spd overall, depending on use (I don’t measure variations due to dial orientation and whatnot—I only care about the bottom line: what is the watch averaging). I don’t have the exported numbers from the regulation anymore, but the beat error was 0.1-0.2 ms and the amplitude in the 245ish range. I’ve included a couple of graphs in the photos (one from a 27-day period and the other from a 21-day period) showing the average rate over those periods. I’ve owned various Seiko watches (including a few with the 6R15), and this one has been my best performer overall.

Seiko SRP775 watch-head with mods (box sapphire crystal, coin edge bezel, and ceramic bezel insert), OEM bezel (not pictured, does not include OEM bezel insert), OEM bracelet with extra links (kept the good links from the original OEM bracelet, so you almost have 2 OEM bracelets), Strapcode Super Jubilee with extra links, heavy duty ZULU from Crown & Buckle, and a seat-belt style NATO from ToxicNATOs. It does not come with box or papers.

Watch head is not pristine—it has lots of nice ‘wabi’ as it has been worn as it was intended to be worn. There are some minor marks on the polished sides of the case (all could easily be polished out), usual marks on the backs of the lugs due to strap changes, and a few marks on the top of the case. There are no deep scratches/nicks anywhere, however. It looks like a well-worn, but handsome watch in person with nice patina. There are a few desk diving marks on the clasps of both bracelets, but overall they’re still in excellent condition. The ZULU and NATO straps are unworn.

For those into the TimeZone grading system, I’d call the watch head and bracelets solidly ‘Excellent’.

Case Diameter: 45 mm
Lug Width: 22 mm
Height (with box sapphire): 16 mm
Lug to Lug: 48 mm
Case Material: 316L SS
Crystal: Box sapphire with clear AR coating on the inside
Bezel Insert: Ceramic
Movement: Seiko 4R36

I’m asking $330 (net) for everything, and this price includes shipping within the CONUS. I’m not that excited about selling this piece, so I’m firm on this price and am not interested in selling anything individually at this time.

I’ve yet to sell anything on here, but I have made a few recent purchases and have feedback from those. I've bought and sold on Reddit (r/WatchExchange) and have excellent feedback on r/WatchExchangeFeedback (username u/efawke). I've also bought and sold various items on eBay over the years (cameras, watches, etc.) and have 100% feedback there (username bmaengnr92). I'm willing to chat via phone if that alleviates any concerns as well.

If you have any questions about the piece or would like to see additional photos, just shoot me a PM. Thanks for looking!