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Premium Genuine Alligator Straps by:
Atelier Du Bracelet Parisien – A.B.P
Camille Fournet
Noble House
Hadley Roma

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A nice collection of the premium alligators available in today’s market on my site + here’s a little primer on alligator skins.

If you have any questions you can email me at (also my paypal i.d. for direct payments), or my website Freda Watch Straps - Watch Straps by Di-Modell, Hirsch, Hadley Roma, Camille Fournet, ABP.

Alligator 101
Alligator straps vary in price, so I thought I’d give a brief explanation of how the straps are cut and they effect on prices. Below is a picture of an alligator belly, the source of alligator strap leather. You’ll notice in the center of the skin the scales are much wider than the outer edges. This is where the premium cuts of alligator come from and are often referred to as “center cut”, “large scale”, “vertical” or “bamboo style” scale patterns. Depending on the lug width of the straps being prepared you only get 6-8 alligator bands out of this center section for every skin you purchase. The rest of the skin is what makes up the small scale and exotic grain straps. Using vertical cuts reduces the yield of every skin a manufacturer buys, they don’t get as many straps out of each alligator skin they purchase.
Alternatively, some manufacturers use a horizontal cut from the alligator belly, this gets a better yield per skin, but the cuts are a mixed variety, more exotic style grain.

Below is a nice collection of square grain alligators, some of the best in the industry.

Atelier Du Bracelet Parisien – A.B.P. Genuine Square Grain Alligator – Contrast Stitch. Hand made in France and an absolutely beautiful strap, large grain alligator, made for your precious or most beloved watch…. MSRP ???? Forum Price $295
Lengths are all 75x115, measurements below are Lug x buckle x thickness at lugs.
20 x 18 x 4.5 in Black, Brown
22 x 18 x 5.0 in Black , Brown, Tan

Camille Fournet Forum Price $229.00) Luxurious genuine matte square grain alligator, made in France. Padding increases by size to accommodate larger watches. Customs available and more styles on order.
Currently in stock
Sizes/(Padding): 18x16 (3.5), 19x16 (4.0) 20x16 (4.0), 20x18 (4.5), 22x18 (5.0mm)
Colors: Black, Brown, Gold Brown
Lengths: 75x115

Noble House Stirling MSRP = $302.00 (forum price $229.00) New Genuine Alligator with genuine alligator lining. Limited supply in 20x18 (78x115) & 22x18 (80x120) in black and brown, matte finish. Perfect square grain cuts, loop anchor and 6.2mm thick at the lugs. This is one of Di-Modell’s best.

Di-Modell Alligator Louisiana Square Grain Selects - High quality alligator skin in classic design and colors with the patented AERO Lining and loop anchor protection. Available in 18, 19 & 20 & 22 in black, brown, honey and blue. And long sizes in 18 & 20 black & brown. Available in contrasting stitch, too! Gold plated buckles available on request. MSRP: $225.95. Forum Price $149.00.

Thickness (approx): 4.80mm
Length: 80x115
Lug/Buckle 22x18, 20x18, 19x18, 18x16

Matching stitch;

Black: 18, 19, 22
Brown: 18, 19, 20, 22
Dark Honey: 18, 19, 20, 22
Navy Blue 18, 19, 20, 22

Contrast Stitch

Black: 19, 20, 22
Brown: 19, 20, 22
Dark Honey: 20, 22
Navy Blue 20, 22


Viscount, Genuine Alligator – 100m waterproof genuine alligator, the first of its kind in the world. UPPER: Louisiana alligator specially tanned W-R, Lining Oysterglove Supersoft. US List price $399.00, Forum Price $359.00

Available Lengths: L=80x120

“L” Series: Lug Width x Buckle Width x Thickness

18 x 16 x 5.6: Black, Brown, Gold Brown, Blue, Red
19 x 18 x 5.9: Black, Brown, Gold Brown, Blue, Red
20 x 18 x 6.2: Black, Brown, Gold Brown, Blue, Red
21 x 18 x 6.5: Black, Brown, Gold Brown, Blue, Red
22 x 20 x 6.8: Black, Brown, Gold Brown, Blue, Red
24 x 22 x 7.2: Black, Brown, Gold Brown, Blue, Red

Return Policy – Returns allowed as long as the following conditions are met (non warranty returns):

1. straps can not be worn or tried on (it puts a bend in the strap and can’t be sold as new)
2. tags still attached and packaging intact
3. must be exactly as sold.

Please take all measurements before attempting to mount the strap.

Shipping Charges: updated 01.17.2019

Inside the U.S. -

1st Class with delivery confirmation……..……$2.99

Priority Small Package (smaller mailboxes)…..$7.75

Express Mail Flat Rate………………………..$22.50(includes $100 in insurance)

Outside the U.S.

Airmail, no insurance or tracking……………...$13.00 See Comments Below***

Includes E-delivery confirmation to:

Great Britain & Northern Ireland
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia

Priority 4-6 days, no insurance or tracking…….$31.00 See Comments Below***

Global Express w $100 ins. & tracking………..$61.50

Important notes/terms of sale

The postal system around the world generally does an outstanding job; my experience has been a worldwide delivery rate over 99%. I provide (reasonable) evidence of shipment.

***If you are concerned about in transit loss, and not in an “E-delivery Confirmation country”….please select a secured or insured method as the terms are FOB shipping point, seller is not responsible.

Items insured must have a visible declared value equal to the amount of insurance coverage.

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Thanks, Kenny

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