Vintage 70s Enicar Automatic Watch, AR-165 Movement. The movement is the basis for many of the Chronoswiss watches. The date on this model can be quick-set by pulling the crown all the way out then push it in. It’s currently fully functional. The watch was serviced a while back, I haven’t wore it much, it’s kept time for the hour I monitored it. Chunky stainless steel 35mm w/o crown. The crown is signed and original. The acrylic crystal shows signs of wear but it’s in good condition. Watch comes on a non-OEM aftermarket bracelet. The caseback text is hard to make out so I’ll write it here: Swiss, waterproof, automatic, stainless steel, Incabloc, 165-39-69, Enicar.

Asking $99 shipped and pp’d.

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