This is a unique watch, its dated with its serial number about 2000 that ties with the bracelet ( AB dated which is 2000 ) but I bought it in 2012 new . NOS for 12 years !! Its for sale for 2500 USD or 2000 GBP I will ship DHL insured that will cost about 75USD on top or 50 GBP on top

Tudor Tiger 79280P full set ( box is new type and not perfect inside ) but with all papers and tags and gtee cert ( folded paper type ) it has been worn a few times and has some very light scuffs on the buckle it comes with all links and works flawlessly.It has the original tag and all books with the purchase receipt

It was bought in the Philippines from a Rolex AD dealer by me .

I WILL NOT TAKE OR DEAL WITH PAYPAL .. They are thieves and have no place in my life . I will not sell this with PayPal .. The sale will involve a bank transfer and I will send the watch the day the money is credited , I do not want a trade as I am selling to reduce my collection not change it . If you do not want to deal in this way, I will respect your choice, I just ask you do the same with me .. SO please don't ask ..NO PAYPAL.

The watch is awesome I will happily send email strings of my last deals on here, so you can see I am not in the habit of cheating fellow enthusiast or stealing money .. I was raised with ethics and want to sleep at night knowing I live right

Enjoy the pics not the best but you get the idea, if you want to know anything else .. I will happily help .. but I will not take paypal

Little mechanical marvels make my day .. Paypal is not going to ruin it ever again .


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