For sale is a Luminox Dress Field 1839.

Here's my rundown:

- The watch is in excellent condition, as you can see in the pics. The strap is unworn.

- It's 42mm and 11mm thick. It's not the smallest considering the style. But it's sporty and the size works. It looks great on pretty much any strap.

- It's what you want in a Luminox. It doesn't have any "special ops" or tacticool branding.

- It has all the good stuff: sapphire, Ronda 515 jeweled quartz, stainless steel.

- I'm calling this out on its own because it's pretty cool - despite not being a diver, it has a screw-down crown and 200m of water resistance.

- Speaking of the crown, it is one of the best crowns I've operated. The size, grip and threading is all top-notch.

- The tritium. I've shopped extensively for affordable tritium watches. This one does it right. Some really inexpensive ones only have tritium at 3, 6, 9 and 12. And some don't have anything to differentiate 12:00. And some don't have a tube where the date window is. This one didn't skimp anywhere. In the dark, you can read it from across the room. The dial is perfectly symmetrical in the dark. And the 12:00 marker is orange, making it easy to get your orientation/registration.

- The hands are kind of gun-metal dark-grey. I've owned light-dialed watches with polished hands and they get lost super easy. Not this watch, the hands pop in any lighting.

- Finally, the dial. It has one of the coolest textures or patterns I have ever seen on a watch. It is freaking sweet.

If you can't tell, this is one of my favorite watches, but I'm in pursuit of something else. Look at my recent post history and you will see this is the last watch in my collection I am selling. I sold everything else before this one.

For the full list of specs: And a review and more specs and pics (not mine):

What you see in the pictures is what you get.

I am asking $250 u.s.d. or best reasonable offer.

I will cover shipping (tracked and insured) to any USPS zip code - basically as long as I don’t need a customs form. Outside of that, shipping will be the cost of your preferred method minus domestic shipping (about $5 - $10).

Here are my references/feedback:

Thanks for looking. Please PM me.