Now that I have a little more time, I thought it might be best to individually list each piece from my most recent Mega listing. I'm going to hang on to the AirBoss Mach 7--there is just no way I get the value I feel it's worth. However...

...The Deep Blue Master 1000 2.5 has the brand new Miyota 8315 movement, with a 60-hour PR, and adds the hacking functionality that the 8215 lacks--it's basically NH35A, but better, and possibly even on par with the 9015. It is 44mm wide, 15mm thick, and 51mm L2L. It comes with a perfectly matching Navy Blue Silicone/Rubber OEM strap, that was barely worn, since now it sits on a different strap (not part of sale).

I'm currently listing it at a further reduced $260, USPS CONUS Shipping/PP Fees included.

I do have an unused DB Bracelet, that I planned to use for my Juggernaut IV, but if you want the Bracelet, either in place of, or added to, the fitted Silicone Navy strap, the price will be $300.

I will ship internationally, but buyer funds the shipping, and I will list item with value of $250 (Price minus fees)--I will not fudge Customs Paperwork.

Here are some recent photos on my Snupps Page...and one here from a couple of months ago.

...and as always...Thanks for looking!